General Litigation

With 40 years of experience in the courtrooms of Salem, Portland, Eugene, and throughout the State of Oregon, the attorneys at Glantz Law Group have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to handle nearly any civil litigation matter.


While our primary focus is in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death – including medical malpractice – and civil rights violations, we are also willing to take on interesting cases in any civil practice area. Our attorneys are adept at working in grey areas of the law or pursuing novel claims and look forward to the challenge presented by complicated issues or complex litigation.

We represent public employees who have been denied long-term disability benefits. We handle appeals before administrative law judges and panels, and file suits in federal court if necessary to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. We also handle real estate disputes, construction and subdivision litigation, and limited general civil defense.

Most civil torts follow a similar pattern. Generally speaking, there must be a duty to act with reasonable care, and the defendant must have breached that duty, causing harm (damages) to the plaintiff. There are also many statutes which require or prohibit certain conduct, and violation of these laws may give rise to a civil cause of action. Whatever the cause, and whether the matter involves state or federal court or administrative agencies, we put our skill and confidence in the courtroom to work in finding an effective solution in your best interests.

If you are caught up in a conflict involving a breach of contract, business tort, real property dispute, employment dispute, or any other civil matter, contact Glantz Law Group for a team of lawyers dedicated to solving your problems and achieving excellent results on your behalf.