Practice Areas Overview

The experienced trial attorneys at Glantz Law Group, LLC handle nearly every type of litigated matter in state and federal courts throughout the State of Oregon.


Personal Injury

Our personal injury law practice includes all manner of vehicle accidents, including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrian accidents. In addition, we handle cases involving premises liability and products liability when people are injured on another’s unsafe or dangerous property, or from products which have been designed or built in a defective manner, or fail to contain adequate safety warnings.

Oregon has a complicated system regarding automobile accidents and financial responsibility. All drivers are required to carry liability insurance with minimum amounts of $25,000 for personal injury to one person, $50,000 to multiple people injured in an accident, and $20,000 for property damage. In addition, this insurance must also include $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP). If you are injured in an accident, your own insurance company pays you PIP benefits, regardless of whether the accident was your fault or not. However, PIP benefits cover only a certain amount of medical expenses and lost wages, and it may still be necessary to initiate negotiations or litigation with the responsible party to make sure you are fully compensated for your damages, including pain and suffering.

Medical Malpractice

From the hospital to the doctor’s office and beyond, medical malpractice cases are epidemic in the United States, where hundreds of thousands of people are killed or injured each year due to diagnostic errors, misadministration of medication, and other forms of medical negligence.

Doctors and hospitals will often defend their own malpractice by trying to place the blame on the injured plaintiff, claiming that the patient did not fully disclose their medical history which led to complications, or that their injury is the result of a pre-existing condition. They will claim that you did not follow the doctor’s orders correctly, or that you aggravated your injury by not seeking treatment. Also, they may claim that you gave your informed consent to the procedure and were told in advance about the possible risks. Well, nobody consents to being negligently or incompetently treated.

The health care providers have the medical records, the loyalty of the medical community, built-in expert witnesses, and vast financial resources on their side. On your side, you need an attorney who has successfully tried medical malpractice cases, and who knows how to investigate and prepare a case that will achieve a fair settlement or positive jury verdict.

Wrongful Death

The purpose of a wrongful death action is to provide compensation to the family members of a person who has died due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another. The family may be left without its major breadwinner or a provider of guidance, teaching, love and support. In addition to the costs associated with funeral and burial, there are very real financial and emotional costs that will last a lifetime or may never go away. Justice demands that those responsible be held accountable for their actions to the people they have harmed.

Although many aspects of a wrongful death action are similar to a personal injury case, there are important differences, and proving the facts of the case can be more complicated and difficult. It is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who is familiar with wrongful death cases and understands how to prepare a solid, persuasive case for trial or settlement.

Civil Rights

When government or other actors violate the civil rights of an individual or group, civil action is often appropriate to remedy the wrongful conduct and compensate people for the damage done. In addition, civil action is an important tool to rein in abuses of power. Often, standing up to injustice is the only way to effect change, and the legal and judicial system provides the means to give voice to the people to effect that change.

Civil rights claims may be litigated in state or federal court. Federal claims may arise under the U.S. Constitution or various federal statutes, most notably Section 1983. State claims most often arise under the Oregon Constitution, which is more protective of individual civil rights than the U.S. Constitution. However, many civil rights violations implicate state and federal laws at the same time, and a common tactic of the government is to remove the case to federal court. Our firm is equipped to handle claims at the state or federal level. We refuse to be intimidated or back down in the face of the enormous pressure exerted and vast resources at the disposal of the government.

General Litigation

Our trial experience enables us to act as able and effective advocates in any civil matter, from business and commercial matters to real property disputes to denial of disability benefits. If you are involved in a breach of contract or other dispute that requires legal assistance to resolve, contact Glantz Law Group for reliable, professional legal representation aimed at achieving excellent results in your legal matter.